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2nd Chance

42-Day 2nd Chance Program

42-Day 2nd Chance Program

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The 42-Day Program is for you if:

You have between 35-60+ lbs. of unwanted body fat. You're ready to rid yourself of your "abnormal body fat stores" off of your most stubborn areas; neck & chin, chest, arms, back, belly, hips, and thighs.

You are ready to look & feel healthier in 42 Days. You are ready for your 2nd Chance.

42-Day Program includes:

  • One 2nd Chance Spray 2oz Bottle
  • 2nd Chance e-Book of ESHCG Condensed version (5 min read prior to starting)
  • A Typical Day on the ESHCG Program e-Book
  • 2nd Chance e-Book of ESHCG Full Program Guide
  • Pounds and Inches e-Book from Dr. Simeons (over 50 yrs of research with hCG)
  • Free Bonus:
    • FREE Recipe e-Book (with over 100 recipes)
    • FREE Access to the Facebook Private Community Group for your support
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