Will the weight really stay off?

Once you finish the 2nd Chance ESHCG program you will notice your appetite has changed quite a bit, this is the perfect opportunity to adopt your maintenance in your daily routine to maintain your weight management goals. Remember to record your food flags in phases 2 & 3. These are sensitive foods that can cause you to start to gain weight if used too often or too close together.  Most ESHCG users find it easy to maintain their weight loss afterward because phase 3a & b helps build great eating behaviours. More importantly, your hypothalamus will be reset during Phases (3a & b) so your metabolism will be more responsive and therefore support you in increasing your success.

It is always a great idea to incorporate 10–16 mins of exercise 3-4x a week as suggested in Phase 4. This always helps to burn the extra calories that you may have eaten that day when you were out with friends & family.


What are hCG drops?

hCG drops, which are different from our ESHCG drops, are homeopathic and are derived from the hCG hormone from different sources such as human, animal, and synthetic sources. Other ingredients will be added to the hCG solution as well to make a combo homeopathic solution at a certain strength example 3X, 6C or 12D for example.


Will the ESHCG interfere with my medications?

It’s always important to consult with your doctor before beginning any weight management program. Confirm your personal medication can be used with ESHCG (remember this is your natural hormone in your body that ESHCG helps your hypothalamus produce) as each person’s situation is different.

NOTE: certain medication has affected the results of weight loss on this program. Examples: thyroid meds, and diuretics pills. It’s a must to watch and monitor daily if you have high blood pressure and/or Diabetes as your values will fall to a low while you are on the program you will need to adjust your meds accordantly with medical supervision.   In the years the program has been around many people have taken their meds with our product and have had great success without reported challenges.


 How Long can someone stay on ESHCG?

The Duration of Treatment

On the 21 Day or “half-round,” customers who seek to reduce 15-25 pounds (7- 12 kg.)  require 24 days use of daily spraying of 2nd Chance ESHCG. The extra three days are needed as all customers must continue the 500-calorie diet for three days after the last spray of ESHCG (LSW).

A 42 Day or “full round,” users who seek to lose 35-45 pounds (16-21 kg.) require 45 days with daily spraying of 2nd Chance ESHCG. The extra three days are needed as all customers must continue the 500-calorie diet for three days after the last spray of ESHCG (LSW).

“Duration” is an essential part of the program. If one commences into previous eating habits as long as there is even a trace of hCG in their body they risk recovering weight gain alarmingly at the end of the program. The 3 days wait period is essential to allow all the hCG to be eliminated from the body

* A guarantee is not offered with this program lasting less than 24 days (full completion of the 21-day program), even in clients needing to lose only 5 pounds.”


Can someone change their mind when on the program to go longer?

Yes, if they are on a ½ round or 21-day program, they can go as many days longer as they feel need to. But No longer than 42 days. Reminder min of 21 days max of 42 days.


Will I starve on only 500 calories per day?

No. The reason you won’t is that your body is still consuming 2000-3000 calories per day by “eating” your abnormal fat stores. The ESHCG is what tells your body to release the fat and this is why you will not starve or experience symptoms of starvation.


Will I lose my muscles?

You will see very little decrease in muscle or water (hydration) but BF%, size, and weight will be dropping off. Remember you are still getting those valuable calories to your body from the stores of abnormal fat reserves that are released by the hCG hormone. Abnormal fat is the main target of this program which gives you the best outcome your body can achieve.

Muscular Fatigue (Dr. Simeons Pound and Inches)
Towards the end of a full round, when a good deal of fat has been rapidly lost, some patients complain that lifting a weight or climbing stairs requires a greater muscular effort than before. They feel neither breathlessness nor exhaustion but simply that their muscles have to work harder. This phenomenon, which disappears soon after the end of the treatment, is caused by the removal of abnormal fat deposited between, in, and around the muscles. The removal of this fat makes the muscles too long, and so in order to achieve a certain skeletal movement — say the bending of an arm — the muscles have to perform greater contraction than before. Within a short while the muscle adjusts itself perfectly to the new situation, but under ESHCG the loss of fat is so rapid that this adjustment cannot keep up with it. Patients often have to be reassured that this does not mean that they are “getting weak”. This phenomenon does not occur in patients who regularly exercise and continue to walk 20 mins/day during treatment.



Should I exercise while on this diet?

A 20 min walk each day can help you lose a little more weight each day, by moving your blood volume allowing water to be removed via kidney stimulation from walking. but a workout at the gym is unnecessary and Not recommended.


Can we substitute the protein with beans or nuts?

Vegetarians cannot eat the standard vegetable proteins such as rice, beans, wheat, or nuts due to their starch content. Please look to FQ I’m vegetarian


How can HCG help me lose weight?                 

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is found in pregnant women and it releases the stored fat to ensure the healthy growing fetus gets all the nutrients it will need to develop naturally. When ESHCG is consumed by the ESHCG user male or female the body will still release the stored fat and because there is no fetus, the body burns the fat for energy. This allows the ESHCG user to release toxins and fat that have been stored. Abnormal fat stores are burned, but normal, structural fat and muscle tissue are spared. This means you lose fat in those typical problem spots on the body – hips, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms!


What can I expect when using 2nd Chance ESHCG spray?

When the protocol is followed, you can expect to lose .5 – 2.0 pounds/day as an average.  A ESHCG user is expected to eat 500 calories a day of these items 2-protein, 2-fruits, and 2 vegetables. Light exercise is acceptable ex: yoga, but it would be better to do no heavy exercise. A brisk 20 min walk/day is normally the most you should attempt. The ESHCG spray is absorbed sublingually under the tongue 2-3 times each day for the entire length of the program. Choose from a Full round -42 days or a ½ round -21 day plan depending on your needs and your schedule.