About Us

What is 2ND Chance ESHCG?

2nd Chance is made through an energetic signature mirroring Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG which is a naturally occurring hormone found in women who are pregnant. This hormone is accountable for ensuring that both the mother and baby have enough to sustain them throughout the gestation period. 2nd Chance spray, combined with a low-calorie diet in a person who is not pregnant, will aid the body by automatically fastening itself onto those stubborn reserves and starts to eliminate these reserves. Once this process begins, the fat starts to quickly melt away. The body’s metabolism then is reset at a higher level so that after the program is finished the body will continue to burn the resistant fat, following the 2nd Chance program."Pounds and Inches" for more info 2nd Chance is an energetic signature (ES) of hCG, which is why this product only has two ingredients in the bottle. Water and a non-abrasive food-grade alcohol. Thus our product is superior to others as it stimulates the individual’s hypothalamus gland to produce its own hCG at the level your body needs to move fat from your abnormal fat stores into the blood to burn as fuel.


1. Alcohol free
2. Sugar Free
3. Gluten Free
4. Dairy Free
5. Vegan friendly
6. 100% Natural
7. Zero Calories
8. Zero Fat
9. Zero cholesterol
10. Natural Preservatives
11. Powerful Appetite suppressant
12. Metabolizes protein, carbohydrates and fat
13. Carbohydrate blocker (30% of carbs eaten)
14. Prevents fat absorption (20% of fat eaten)
15. Natural Weight Reducer

Our Core Values

​We Believe in People

  • We believe that our purpose is to support people in life long health;
  • We are family first;
  • We excel to provide the best experience for our clients;
  • We build & maintain strong relationships with suppliers for the best products.

We Believe in Doing the Right Thing

  • We are guided by a honourable moral compass;
  • We endeavour to make sound decisions that we can honour and stand behind our actions.

We Believe in Healthy Communities

  • We recognize the impacting part that our actions reflect in nurturing lively individuals, families and communities;
  • We lead by modeling a personal well being reflecting positive stewardship in mind, body & spirit.

We Believe in Challenging the Status Quo

  • We believe in continuous improvement and cultivating our innovative spirit;
  • We are passionate about learning both for our benefit and for that of our clients.

What prompted the birth of 2nd Chance?

Our team at 2nd Chance was created to bring an opportunity to impact the health of family, friends, and communities with a product & message of truth for our body and how it functions. Our mission and desire is that all may achieve their healthy weight management goals, stand tall with self-agency and a sense of success, naturally. We are here to work with you!