Carmen's Testimonial

First off I want to start out by saying that I have always fought the battle of being the biggest girl in the
room. Even though I've always been active in playing multiple sports and activities I have always had a
body image problem. I have tried every fad diet and advertised program there is on TV so when I was
given the opportunity to try 2nd Chance I was all over it for many reasons, I was feeling gross in my own
skin and embarrassed to be around everyone and anyone, then my boss at work put up the challenge of
the program to myself and another co-worker and me being the competitive person I am and having to be
accountable to people I see and highly respect every day I wanted to give it a go. So the challenge was
Phase 1, sounds awesome at first, and enjoyed the first day but on day 2-3 I wasn't feeling so excited I felt
more gross and so ready to throw any and all bad eating habits out the window, Phase 2 was great the
recipes we were given were delicious and more importantly EASY to make and so filling, at no point in the
process did I feel deprived or hungry and only downfall I have to say is the multiple trips to the washroom
due to the massive (but manageable) amount of water, we were required to drink.
Phase 3 and 4 I found very easy to transition into and for me who is a self-proclaimed carb fanatic I was
finding the urge for a morning bagel or muffin and mid-day sandwich and an evening dinner roll to be
I have to say the 2nd Chance program was easy simple and VERY effective. I would highly recommend
to anyone and would absolutely love to do it again to get me that much closer to my goal.
The recipes were yummy, easy and very satisfying, and anytime I had a question or concern about any
part of the program it was always answered quickly and with a thorough explanation.