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Losing Weight Made Easy!

2nd Chance ESHCG is here to support you in achieving your desired weight management goals. We are a Canadian-based family business, that has helped people achieve their weight management goals with a healthy nutritious diet, supporting healthy lifestyles. We have a record of success, and we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction with support along the way No other ESHCG program offers the support this program provides, including step-by-step instructions to full menu options..



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Video Testimony - Noreen

Video Testimony- Pat


"I have to say the 2nd Chance program was easy simple and VERY effective. I would highly recommend to anyone and would absolutely love to do it again to get me that much closer to my goal"

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“Second chance is an amazing program that changed my body for the better! Not only did I lose pounds, but I noticed significant differences in the inches I lost all over my body. I love how this program is not just a diet for three weeks but it is a lifestyle change. I am so happy with the new me!

Thank you 2nd Chance!!

P.S. My results of the 21-day program: I went from 169.4 lbs to 151.2 lbs = 18.2 lbs lost. I lost 14” off my body measurements."


"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on 2nd Chance not only
did I achieve my desired outcomes of losing 15.2 lbs. in 21 days and 11.2 inches, but it also helped my skin condition improve on my scalp. Thank you, 2nd Chance, for your support in my healthy lifestyle."